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Summoner Yuna, Final Fantasy X, 2004

I have a tendency not to be the first one to do a popular costume. Rather, I like to wait until everybody else on the planet has already done it. Such was the case with Summoner Yuna. Fellow cosplayer India Davis had a spare Yuna obi for sale, and I bought it, knowing she does good work. And then I kept it in a box for months on end, until I finally got with the program to make the rest of the costume for a cosplay chess match at Harvard. It was worn one other time at an Anime Boston, when the organizer of the first cosplay chess match contacted me looking for a Summoner Yuna to play again...

At the Anime Boston match, my "special move" was summoning, of course. Except, as it turned out, the Shiva they had lined up backed out, and then their backup Shiva backed out... so I summoned Totoro. Action pics are of me summoning Totoro to defeat Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist. Yeah, I don't know.

I made Yuna's ultimate weapon, the Nirvana staff, out of styrene, foam, and a metric ton of spray paint, representing my first and so far only foray into large-scale props. I'm a bit sorry I don't have it anymore. I'm not completely thrilled with the skirt- first I underestimated the amount of fabric I'd need, so the pleats get remarkably shallow towards the back, and then I just wasn't ever able to mix the right pale pink for the flowers. I embroidered the vines. The sleeves have hidden elastic in them to keep them up. And FOR ONCE I was able to use my own hair!

Photos by David Ng,; Kevin Lillard, A Fan's View.

Click to view larger image: Source Material Click to view larger image: Summoner Yuna Click to view larger image: Summoner Yuna
Click to view larger image: Summoner Yuna Click to view larger image: Summoner Yuna

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