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Sohma Shigure, Fruits Basket, 2002

When "Fruits Basket" first came out in the US, I was charmed and intrigued by Shigure, the sunny Dog, and I only became more so once I started reading the manga and discovered that Shigure also shares with the dog a dark and complex dual nature. This costume has the distinction of being almost entirely assembled out of purchased pieces, on the grounds that they were readily available and I highly doubt Shigure makes his own clothes anyway. This is also how I found out how much easier it is to get dressed in kimono if you are a man. All the rigmarole they make their women go through just to get dressed, and they get? A SQUARE KNOT.

I am not a passable crossplayer- no matter how you look at it, I do not, will not, cannot look like a dude, between the hips and the chipmunk cheeks. I am not a very good wig cutter, either; although this wig looked great on the stand when I cut it into messy layers, I failed to compensate for the very important fact that wig heads are smaller than human heads, and so it came out much too short on my head. Words, seriously, cannot describe how much I hate this wig. So I don't have this costume anymore.

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