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Seong Mi-Na, Soul Calibur 3, 2006

Seung Mina (or as they occasionally spell it when they remember she's Korean, Seong Mi-Na) is one of my favorite characters from the "Soul" video game series. I like her attitude, and her distance game can be pretty fun too. Unfortunately, she suffers from the same malady as many other fighting game characters, male and female- an inability to select clothing that can be worn by most humans.

This is Mi-Na's 2P costume from Soul Calibur 3 in which she had the decency to wear pants. I made it for Diane King-Shaw to wear to Otakon 2006. I did not supply the weapon or shoes, but did style the wig as well as all of the sewn pieces. The designs on the pants are a combination of embroidery and paint. I'd thought I'd be able to learn tambour embroidery and do the whole thing that way, but I was never able to get the hang of using the tambour quickly, so I ended up just outlining the designs in regular chain stitch and painting from there.

Click to view larger image: Mi-Na Front Click to view larger image: Seong Mi-Na

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