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Relena Peacecraft, Gundam Wing, 2005

Relena Peacecraft, THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN ANIME. Like many of the characters I work on, I actually got to quite like her over the course of this project. This was done at the invitation of my friend Rosiel, who was putting together a GW uniforms group for a skit at Anime Boston that, for reasons beyond our control, ended up not actually going forward, but that's a whole different story. Several of them, actually.

I started with a men's 18th century coat pattern. The smallest size I could get was a 40, and a large 40 at that, so obviously I had a lot of work to do to get it down to fit me, and only as the deadline was fast approaching did I manage to do so by adding a waist seam, which made the fitting much easier. I drafted the lapels and cuffs myself, which was hair raising, and made the piping for the cuffs as well. The vest and pants were modified from modern patterns, and there's a linen shirt under the whole thing. The shoes came from a place that sells shoes to reenactors. Studio photography by Aurora Vanderbosch, Grace Notes Photography. Anime Boston photography by Lionel Lum.

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