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Regency Day Dress, 2002

I was having fun with the La Mode Bagatelle regency pattern and decided to make a day dress out of highly non-period cotton quilty fabric. I hope it's not too much out of line with something a country farmer's wife might have worn at a certain time.

The street photo was taken at a tea event that I organized for the Northern Lights Costumers' Guild in Boston; the dapper gentleman is Jerome Conner. On that occasion I attempted something like a period hairdo, which ended up translating to "Tie a scarf around your head. Curl anything that sticks out." The other photos were taken on the 4th of July 2002, I think, at Old Sturbridge Village in my hometown of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, which totally let me in dressed like that.

Click to view larger image: Fourth of July Click to view larger image: Fourth of July

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