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Matsumoto Rangiku, Bleach, 2006

Some dude at Katsucon: "Needs more cleavage!" Some Dude, if I had any more cleavage I wouldn't be able to look down.

The nice thing about Bleach cosplay: if you have one, you have two dozen. I repurposed my Bleach costume (which has also served as Unohana and Hinamori) with a change of accessories that I have yet to put on consistently correctly, which is what happens when you get dressed without a reference picture in front of you, and an arrangement of duct tape that would make your hair curl. It doesn't show so much in these photos, but trust me, I achieve that all-important anime center cleavage AND SO MUCH MORE, and at the cost of only minor pain and discomfort!

Studio photography and Hitsugaya con photo retouching by Aurora Vanderbosch, Grace Notes Photography.

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Click to view larger image: Matsumoto

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