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Madame Batolli, Under the Glass Moon, 2004

I struggled for way too long trying to figure out where to put this costume and what to call it-- because while it is a copy of a stage costume worn by j-rock star Mana, I actually MADE it planning to represent the character Madame Batolli from the Korean fashion/fantasy comic "Under the Glass Moon." It's a running sight gag in the comic that everything she wears is something Mana has previously worn. The key difference as far as I am concerned is that Mana does not speak in public, while Madame is not shy about speaking up for herself-- which appealed to me a lot more, so here she is in the Anime section.

The costume is made of black cotton velvet, with miles and miles of lace trim. The lace overcollar is detachable. With it, I wear fishnet gloves (when I can find them, lace ones when I can't), two layers of hosiery (lace tights and opaque thigh-highs), the first wig I ever tried to style with a part down the back, eight pounds of makeup, and the piece of resistance, 7.5" heels of crippling pain. I included a photo here showing the dress in progress, so you can see all the different kinds of lace I used-- while it's texturally an interesting piece, black on black is really hard to photograph.

As always, studio photographs courtesy of and copyright to Aurora Vanderbosch, Grace Notes Photography.

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