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Jibrille, Angel Sanctuary, 2003

When I built this costume a few years ago, according to, "Angel Sanctuary" was comfortably in the top 10 most cosplayed series they had on their site. Which was a bit mind-boggling, since at the time "Angel Sanctuary" was only available in untranslated manga form. Go figure. But, as I noted at the time, although all the characters look the same, the outfits are lovely, and there certainly are a lot of them.

I patterned this one entirely myself, which I was happy with, and built it in under a week, which is a record for me. I love the way the gloves came out. In the illustration, it appears that the artist used a lace-patterned screen to indicate they were made of lace, but because of the scale of the screen or whatever she used, the motifs seemed to be placed very widely, rather than all over. To replicate that, I cut motifs from a larger piece of lace and sewed them to sheer mesh gloves. I used the same technique on the bodice insert. The color is much deeper than the artbook illustration that was my source, because I ordered over the internet on fairly short notice. It works, though.

Photography by Maboroshi, Rising

Click to view larger image: Source Material Click to view larger image: Jibril Click to view larger image: Jibril
Click to view larger image: Jibril Click to view larger image: Jibril

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