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Anna Rochefort, Le Chevalier d'Eon, 2008

This is the second of two costumes I made for the Katsucon 2008 masquerade; the first was Madame de Pompadour. This costume was made for and worn by Luna Hoshino as Anna Rochefort, for our "Le Secret du Roi"/"Vogue" performance.

I got sent on a business trip to New Jersey for the two weeks preceding the con, which was disastrous. The original top I had made for Luna did not fit her, as I discovered the day before I had to leave, so I ended up re-cutting and re-making the entire thing the night before the presentation. Then I somehow managed to lose her corset in New Jersey, where I had taken it to work on. Luckily, it fit her well enough anyway. I forgot I was using double-wide fabric for her underskirt, too, so she was swallowed by linen.

The top is mauve sandwashed silk, flatlined with pink linen I had left over from something else, piped down the front seams and around the bottom, with undersleeves of cotton lawn. The skirts are linen, and she is wearing pocket hoops underneath. But no corset. Because I lost it.

"Le Secret du Roi" won Best Overall Craftsmanship, Katsucon 2008.

Photos courtesy of Lionel Lum,;;

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