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Sailor Neptune, Sailor Moon Super S, 2001

Dating on this is kind of tentative. I was going through some old photos and happened to find these very few, very tiny items, and can't for the life of me remember when I wore this... but if I was dating that guy, and I think I was working at that firm, then... maybe 2001? There was a lot of empirical evidence assembled to make this possible. Practically an academic exercise.

And I used all those words in thar paragraph because I didn't make this costume and thus don't have many comments. The theme of my friends Chris and Natasha's annual Halloween party that year was "Cartoons." I made Natasha's outfit (Hitomi from "Escaflowne"), and Diane's (Anthy from "Revolutionary Girl Utena"- you can see her in one of these pictures) so I figured I'd give myself a break and have someone else make mine. That someone was Setsuna Kou, and for a budget costume it was fine. I had to do a little hand-sewing to tighten up the shoe covers and closures, but for 100 bucks or whatever including shoes, no complaints here. I may be too lazy to watermark these photos today, but honestly, who's going to want to steal these?

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor was my boyfriend at the time, Daisei. He was a very good boyfriend, and also he made that himself!

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